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How to Refund a Customer in QuickBooks Desktop

In this blog post, we show you in several simple steps how to go about refunding a customer in QuickBooks.

How to Edit an Invoice Template in QuickBooks Desktop

GentleFrog is your resource for QuickBooks help and how-to. In this blog post, we discuss how to edit an invoice template in your QuickBooks software.

How to Create and Edit Services and Products in QuickBooks Online

In this blog post, we talk about how to create and edit services and products in QuickBooks Online.

Q and A with Rachel Barnett

In this blog post, we go over a recent interview with Rachel Barnett. Learn about her and her business philosophy.

When To Issue a 1099 and The Penalties If You Don’t

In this blog post we discuss why we issue 1099s and what might happen if we don't.

How To Setup Company Info in QuickBooks Online

In this blog post, we discuss how to fill out profile information about your company. We discuss what's relevant and how to keep your QuickBooks Online account in order.

How to Identify Errors in the Bank Balance in QuickBooks Online

In this blog post, we go over how to find discrepancies between bank balances and what you have in your QuickBooks Online records.

How to Review Profit and Loss by Month in QuickBooks Online

Your profit and loss statement is Important. Learn how to review P&L reports in QuickBooks online with this tutorial.

How to Navigate Bank Feeds in QuickBooks online

In your QuickBooks Online account, you may have multiple bank feeds. Learn how to navigate those today.

How To Connect Banks to QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online offers integration with many major banks, some of which is completely seamless. Learn how to pull your bank account information into QuickBooks with this blog post.

How To Review Profit and Loss Report in Quickbooks

In this blog post, we discuss how to review your profit and loss report in QuickBooks Online.

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