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This is a question every business owner should decide for themselves. It is my recommendation that you have someone (you? me? someone else?) managing your bookkeeping and then a completely separate person file the taxes.
Right now QuickBooks Desktop (Pro/Premier/Enterprise), QuickBooks Online (Simple Start, Essentials, Plus), and QuickBooks for Mac. We are adding additional accounting software in the meanwhile, if you need a referral for an expert for another software, please let us know.

No, but I’ll gladly send you a few referrals for tax preparers, all you need to do is ask.

Yes! My blog and YouTube Channel are both available for you at any time.

A bookkeeper records money in and money out, categorizing them into the correct general ledger accounts, reconciles against the bank statements, and generates financial statements for management to review.

A tax preparer files the federal taxes and sometimes the state and local taxes.

An accountant is a generic term for a person who provides bookkeeping and/or tax prep.

NOTE: A certified public accountant is a person who has passed a rigorous state exam certifying their knowledge in accounting. A CPA isn’t always a tax preparer and a tax preparer isn’t always a CPA.

All training is provided by Rachel Barnett. Rachel Barnett has been a QuickBooks user since 1995. She’s been a QuickBooks ProAdvisor since 2012, and has been named an Insightful Accountant Top 100 ProAdvisor every year since 2020.

I’ve been a QuickBooks user since 1995 and working with a large variety of small businesses on a full-time basis for the last 10 years, there are very few accounting situations I haven’t seen but we should meet for a virtual chat to talk about your specific situation to be certain I’m the right fit.

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  • Learn how to identify trends in your financial data so you can make smarter business decisions.

  • Get organized and stay on top of your finances by tracking expenses, managing receipts, and closing your books effectively.

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