About Gentle Frog, LLC

We’re on a mission to take the stress out of bookkeeping

At Gentle Frog, we love bookkeeping. But we also understand that bookkeeping can be scary, especially when you’re new to it. We take away the stress by empowering you to understand your numbers and feel confident about your books. We do it with empathy – we’ve been there! – and with a dash of humor.

How we can help

We are QuickBooks bookkeeping experts providing virtual, one-on-one answers to your questions. We also offer customized individual QuickBooks training via Zoom. Check out the options here.

If you want us to manage your books, we do that, too! See our Services page for more information

Our History

Rachel Barnett founded Gentle Frog in 2018 because she needed a job. She’d sold her successful bookkeeping business and was looking for a new challenge. Her bookkeeping clients kept telling her she was an amazing QuickBooks teacher and mentor, so she finally listened to them. Rachel and her team still offer bookkeeping services, but they now offer one-on-one QuickBooks training and quick virtual problem-solving chats. The best part? Helping clients learn to love bookkeeping as much as they do.

If you’re wondering, Rachel chose the name “Gentle Frog” because frogs are smart, adaptable, and incredibly chill – just like Rachel and her team.

About Rachel Barnett

Rachel Barnett, founder of Gentle Frog, has used QuickBooks since 1995 and has been a QuickBooks ProAdvisor since 2012. For 15 years, she worked as a freelance bookkeeper for small companies before eventually starting two small companies of her own. Over the years, her passion for using QuickBooks has evolved into a passion for providing behind-the-scenes support to bookkeeping freelancers and small business owners.

Want to learn more about Rachel? Connect with her on her LinkedIn page. Or, check out her QuickBooks ProAdvisor page where you can find over 100 5-star reviews from happy clients.

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