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Are you a bookkeeper looking for general training in accounting/bookkeeping? Or maybe you want help getting started with their bookkeeping/accounting business.

Below is a list of courses that will help you start or continue your bookkeeping venture.

These are all courses we’ve been through, we know the teachers (sometimes it’s us!), or we’ve heard excellent things about.

Accounting/Bookkeeping Training:

Starting a Bookkeeping/Accounting Business:


  • Gentle Frog’s QuickBooks Online Courses: Three course levels to choose from:
    • Beginner – Getting Started with QuickBooks Online: Your Path to Financial Confidence 
    • Intermediate – Beyond Basics: Unlocking QuickBooks Online’s Full Potential
    • Advanced – The Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks Online: From Basics to Complex Features
  • Bulletproof Bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online: Seth David is an amazing teacher and in this course, he goes over everything you need to know to do bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online.
  • QuickBooks ProAdvisor Training: If you’re serious about working with QuickBooks you’ll want to take this training to become a ProAdvisor and get listed in the Find-A-ProAdvisor directory.
  • Introduction to QuickBooks Online: If you’re a GoSkills member you already had access to this QBO beginners course from our very own Rachel Barnett. This is a great course for business owners who want to learn the basics of QBO to do their own bookkeeping.
  • QuickBooks Online Advanced: If you’re looking for more advanced QBO training taught by Rachel check out this course from Simon Sez It. Includes 57 video lessons on advanced QBO topics.
  • Review Your QuickBooks: Sign up for our free mini-course on reviewing your QuickBooks to help you spot possible mistakes/errors.


  • A great resource for tax information and courses that will help you pass the IRS SEE and keep you in the know on the latest tax updates.
  • Pronto Tax School: If you’re looking to become a tax professional Pronto Tax School offers a wide range of tax-related courses as well as plans that include up-to-date tax information.

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