How To Set Up a New Company File in QuickBooks 2019 for Mac

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In today’s blog post, I’m going to show you how to set up a new company file in QuickBooks 2019 for Mac.

When we first open QuickBooks, we are greeted with a screen that lists each company file. QuickBooks will list the date modified next to each company file. To begin setting up your new file, click the Get Started button in the upper middle part of the program.

Getting started in Quickbooks 2019

Once we’ve clicked “Get Started” we will then need to name our file. In this example we’ll name it RachelsMacVideoFile and save it to the Documents folder.

Naming a new Quickbooks file

After our file is named and saved to a safe location, it’s time to fill in the details about our company address and tax information. This part is self-explanatory and will depend on the specifics of your business. The part to note is that for the Income-tax Form Used, we advise against using your Social Security Number. Instead, use an EIN if you have one available.

Entering address and tax information for in Quickbooks 2019

If you don’t have an EIN, obtaining one is quick and easy. Just head over to the website, search for “EIN” in the search box, click the link to the page titled “Apply for an Employee Identification Number,” and then follow the steps presented to you. You will know the kind of business you have best, so do what applies to you.

Once you click next, you’ll be brought to a page titled Step 2 of 2. This is where you select the industry and the accounts in your chart of accounts. You will notice that some of these accounts are already checked. Depending on your industry, the defaults will change and add different accounts. The ones you pick will be specific to your business. When you have all the accounts selected that you would like, click Finish and then on the following screen, confirm and click OK.

Checking off accounts in Quickbooks 2019
Selecting types of accounts in Quickbooks 2019
Finishing creating your new Quickbooks file

After your file has been created, you’ll be able to dive into your QuickBooks File and begin doing your bookkeeping.

Begin book keeping in your new Quickbooks file

If you realize that some mistake was made while setting up the new file, that can be fixed. To rectify any error in your Company Information, navigate to the main menu at the top of the screen and click where it says QuickBooks and then click on Preferences. On the next screen, click on the little house titled My Company. On the My Company screen, you’ll be able to modify the same details we just filled out while creating the file.

Opening preferences
Selecting My Company in preferences in Quickbooks
Editing your company information in Quickbooks

Another item we set up when creating this file is the Chart of Accounts. If you wanted to modify that, click on Lists on the main navigation menu and then Chart of Accounts.

Creating your Chart of Accounts in Quickbooks 2019
Your Chart of Accounts in Quickbooks 2019

And there you have it. Now you know how to create a new QuickBooks 2019 file, set it up, and then modify it once it’s created.

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