Gentle Frog Custom QuickBooks Training


Gentle Frog empowers small business owners and management teams with the ability to manage and understand their bookkeeping within QuickBooks.

Gentle Frog is the safety net you need as a driven and determined DIY owner or manager. We bridge the gap between you learning the software independently and hiring someone to manage your books for you.

We work with you and train you to manage your QuickBooks yourself until you either outgrow what you can do yourself or choose to hire someone to do your bookkeeping for you (we’ll even help train them!).

Rachel Barnett

Rachel Barnett
Rachel Barnett

Rachel Barnett has been a QuickBooks user since 1995, eventually earning the coveted Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor status. Rachel owned and operated Primarily Bookkeeping, d/b/a Your Bookkeeping Fairy Godmother, a Seattle-area bookkeeping firm, for six years, until selling the firm in 2018.

Following the sale of her business, Rachel embraced her passion to provide behind-the-scenes support for other professionals. She started Gentle Frog to support businesses that employed an in-house bookkeeper or owners who chose the DIY route.

When she’s not busy supporting professionals and their businesses, Rachel enjoys actively participating in the QuickSource accounting community. She is the host of a local SCORE workshop, where she enjoys connecting with and educating other professionals. She is also a volunteer at Thrift Culture and Fare Start.

Rachel splits her time between Bellevue and Leavenworth, where she resides with her husband and a houseplant, a cactus that has proven fairly resilient.