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How To Setup Bank of America Credit Card in QuickBooks Online

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How to Send a Sales Receipt in QuickBooks Online

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How to Edit an Invoice Template in QuickBooks

GentleFrog is your resource for QuickBooks help and how-to. In this blog post, we discuss how to edit an invoice template in your QuickBooks software.
Custom invoice template

How To Create a New Invoice Template in QuickBooks Online

Have you ever needed to create a new template in QuickBooks Online? Today, I'm going to show you how to do it in three different ways. First, I'll go through a straightforward set of steps, then I'll outline those steps, and thirdly, I'll link a video at the bottom to show precisely how to execute this.

How to Create and Edit Services and Products in QuickBooks Online.

In this blog post, we talk about how to create and edit services and products in QuickBooks Online.

Q and A with Rachel Barnett

In this blog post, we go over a recent interview with Rachel Barnett. Learn about her and her business philosophy.

When To Issue a 1099 and The Penalties If You Don’t

In this blog post we discuss why we issue 1099s and what might happen if we don't.

Deciding which version of Quickbooks is right for you

With so many different versions and deployments of QuickBooks, what's the right one for you? In this blog post, we describe the benefits and drawbacks of the various installations.

How To Setup Company Info in QuckBooks Online

In this blog post, we discuss how to fill out profile information about your company. We discuss what's relevant and how to keep your QuickBooks Online account in order.