Match Function in Bank Feeds (QuickBooks Online)

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Using the Match Function in Bank Feeds

When financial transactions are downloaded into QuickBooks Online (via bank feeds) they are sometimes “matched”. This means that the downloaded transaction in the same dollar amount and the same or a similar date as a transaction that was previous entered into QuickBooks Online.  To process the matched transactions:

Linking banking transactions to existing QuickBooks Online data:

  1. Click on the tab called Recognized
  2. When the text says 1 Record Found
    1. Review the date in the column under category/match and review the date on the left side of the row.
    2. If the dates are within a few days of each other, choose match
    3. If the dates are weeks or more apart, click on the line and then click on the circle for add.
  3. When the text says 2 Records Found
    1. Click on the line to expand the details
    2. Review the related transactions, pick the transaction with the closest date to the date on the left side of the downloaded transaction.
    3. If there are multiple transactions with the same date… review the bank detail for more information to help you identify which line to match to the transaction. (Note: There are no shortcuts to make this easier/smoother/faster.)

Click here to download these instructions as PDF

Click here for a link to the QuickBooks Online sample file / sandbox


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