How to Give Your Accountant Access to Your Banner Bank Account

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When hiring a bookkeeper or CPA it’s possible to add them as a user to your Banner bank account. You can then give them specific permissions to draft, approve, cancel, or view specific transaction types. 

Add a New User

  1. After signing in, click Commercial Services in the left-hand menu
  2. Select Manage users
    Manage Users for Banner Bank account
  3. On the User Management screen click the “Add User” button in the upper right
    Banner Bank user management screen
  4. Fill in the Personal Details from the new user including a Login ID and password
  5. Click the “Save New User Details” button
    Editing New User Details for Banner Bank
  6. Click “Close” on the Save user pop-up

Editing a Users Permissions

  1. After signing in, click Commercial Services in the left-hand menu
  2. Select Manage users
  3. Select the user whose permissions you’d like to edit.

Transaction Tab

On the Transactions tab you can edit permission for specific Transaction Types. 

Select the Transaction Type from the list on the left. 

To enable/disable a user’s permissions for a transaction type change the toggle towards the top of the tab from Enabled to Disabled.

Banner Bank managing users Transaction Tab

Under Rights, you can check off a user’s ability to Draft, Approve, Cancel, or View a specific transaction type. As well as select the level of online activity a user is able to view

Under Approval Limits, you can adjust the maximum per transaction, daily and monthly amounts and max counts for the transaction type. 

Features Tab

You can enable or disable a user’s access to specific features using the Features tab.

Banner Bank managing users Features Tab

Accounts Tab

Use the Accounts tab to enable or disable a user’s View, Deposit, and Withdraw rights for each account.

Enabled rights are indicated with a checkmark.

Banner Bank managing users Accounts Tab

When you’ve finished editing a user’s permission click the Save button in the upper right corner. Then click Close on the Policy Saved pop-up.

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