How To Enable Account Numbers in QuickBooks Online

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How to Enable Account Numbers in Quickbooks Online

Account numbers in Quickbooks are numbers that you can assign to each account to make them easier to find and better organized. Account numbers are not turned on automatically so if you, or your accountant, would like them on I’ll show you how it’s done.

Turning on Account Numbers

1. Click the gear ⚙ in the upper right-hand corner.

2. Click Account and Settings in the Your Company section.

Quickbooks account settings

3. Click Advanced on the left-hand side.

Quickbooks advanced account settings

4. In the 3rd option, Chart of Accounts, you’ll see Enable account numbers is off. Click the pencil ✎ on the right-hand side of this section.

Quickbooks Chart of Accounts advanced setttings

5. Check the Enable account numbers box, you’ll see “off” change to “on.”

Quickbooks enabling account numbers in settings

6. A Show account numbers checkbox will appear, check this box as well.

Quickbooks option to show account numbers

7. Click the green Save button.

8. Click the green Done button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Numbers will now be visible in your Chart of Accounts. If you haven’t assigned any numbers yet I’ll show you how to do that as well.

Assigning Numbers to Accounts

1. In the right-hand menu select Accounting and then Chart of Accounts.

Quickbooks navigating to Chart of Accounts

2. Click the drop-down next to View register on an account and click Edit.

Quickbooks view account register

3. The Number field will be on the right under Name. Enter a number and then click the green Save and Close button in the lower right.

Quickbooks adding a number to an account

You’ll now see the number in the Number field in your Chart of Accounts. This number will also appear in the Name field in front of the accounts name. The accounts name has not changed this is just how Quickbooks displays it.

Quickbooks, viewing an account number in the Chart of Accounts

If you view your Balance Sheet you will now see your accounts in order by number instead of alphabetically. This can be a great way to better organize your accounts and maybe something your accountant requires.

Quickbooks, viewing account numbers in the Balance Sheet
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