Record WA DOR excise and sales tax payment in QuickBooks Online

When you file the WA State Department of Revenue tax return, you’ll likely have excise tax and sales tax. If that’s the case for business you’ll need to record this tax payment in the sales tax module of QuickBooks. These instructions will help you do this within QuickBooks Online.

Reconciling a Bank in QuickBooks Online

  1. Click on taxes on the left side of your screen
  2. Click on the blue box that says record tax payment (note: you may need to change the date range to previous year)
  3. Click on make adjustment
  4. The tax payment should auto populate based on the data in QuickBooks.
  5. Enter an adjustment, this is the difference between your sales tax liability in QuickBooks (for the given period) and the amount of the payment you made.  This should be equal to your B & O amount due but may not be if you set up your sales tax rates incorrectly.
  6. The calculated total payment should equal the amount you paid to the DOR.  If it does not, please correct your adjustment.

Click here to download these instructions as a PDF

Click here for a link to the QuickBooks Online sample file / sandbox