When To Issue a 1099 and The Penalties If You Don’t

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What is a 1099? When people refer to a 1099, they are making a reference to an IRS form. It is a record of income given to someone from a person or organization that they are not formally employed by. The 1099 serves as evidence of income paid to a specific taxpayer for a given [...]

Does keeping track of accounting matter?

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https://youtu.be/xdULaLdsGTA   Does keeping track of your accounting matter? Accounting is important as it helps you track the financial health of your business. All too often business owners view their bank balance or worse, the gross sales, as a measure of their success. If you’re not tracking the expenses of the business you won’t know how [...]

Getting the band back together

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  When I got my business license last summer I had a muddy vision of what my business would be and what I'd be doing professionally.  Budgets changed and I was faced with pivoting my original plan. I took September as a mental health month and tried not to dwell on what could've been, what went [...]