Why Consistency is Important in QuickBooks – Duplicate Income

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It’s important to be consistent with the way you enter income into QuickBooks. 

You can enter your income as an invoice, sales receipt, or deposit directly into the register. 

If you don’t stay consistent you can often end up entering income more than once. It can be difficult to easily find these duplicates. One of the ways is to check your income in the Profit and Loss report.

Quick Instructions:

  1. Click Reports in the left side menu
  2. Select the Profit and Loss report
  3. Find Total Income and click the total income dollar amount.
  4. Scroll through and scan for duplicates.

When you’re consistent and always use the same type of income it’ll be much easier to find mistakes.

When you scroll through you’ll easily be able to spot the odd duck.

In the example below you see all the transaction types are Invoice. Except for a single Sales Receipt and Deposit, which makes them really stand out and easy to find:

Duplicate income entries in QuickBooks Online spotted in the Profit and Loss report

Check out my blog post How to use Invoices, Sales Receipts, and Deposits in QuickBooks Online to learn more about each type of transaction and when you might want to use one or the other.

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