QuickBooks File Review

Gentle Frog’s one-time QuickBooks file review services provide you with a solid foundation to accurately track and manage your bookkeeping.

What You Will Experience

Review of QuickBooks Set Up

We review the set up of your QuickBooks, the default accounting method, the business address and email address, the formatting of the invoices and default messages.

Review your balance sheet

We will review your balance sheet for obvious errors in the balances.

We will review the profit and loss

We will review the profit and loss for logic and any obvious coding errors.

We will review your accounts receivable

We will review your client outstanding balances looking for misapplied payments, duplicate invoices and unpaid invoices.

We will review your accounts payable

We will review your vendor outstanding balances looking for misapplied payments, duplicate expenses and unpaid bills.

Bank reconciliations and registers

We will review the bank reconciliation history for changes, review uncleared transactions looking for duplicates and errors.

How Our QuickBooks File Review Works

  • Group 2Created with Sketch. We will ask for access to your QuickBooks Online account or a copy of your QuickBooks Desktop file
  • Group 7Created with Sketch. We will review your data file looking for obvious mistakes on the balance sheet, profit and loss, bank reconciliations and aging reports.
  • Group 8Created with Sketch. We will send you a written summary of what we found as well as recommendations for how to proceed.
  • Group 10Created with Sketch. In some cases we will also send a custom video based on our findings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I will review your set up, financial reports, reconciliation summary and provide feedback on trouble spots. I will not be reviewing all individual transactions, if this is something you’d like, we can talk about that.
These reviews are generally done within 72 business hours. I will let you know when you send me the file or add me to your QuickBooks account if I think that this estimate needs to be revised.
A second set of eyes to spot errors, anomalies and areas of concern is always a good idea.

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