Announcement: Gentle Frog is teaming up with Centrosome!

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To our valued clients,

Beginning on 02-16-2021, Gentle Frog will be teaming up with Centrosome, an Ottawa-area bookkeeping and tax firm, to offer bookkeeping and tax planning services to Canadian clients, in addition to the services we currently offer.

This collaboration and partnership will see me join with the talented and like-minded Kevin Sterling, MBA, owner of Centrosome and Sterling Spaces, as well as bookkeeping professional, Shaunda Comeau.

By working with Centrosome, our service offerings will expand to include our current bookkeeping services for startups and small businesses, as well as IT support. Our current and future Canadian clients will also be able to take advantage of tax support services and assistance.

Emails sent to will begin to be forwarded to so that nothing falls through the cracks. You will still be able to reach me via phone at 206-850-1105, though Canadian clients may wish to switch to my new office number at 343-883-9170.

The match between Gentle Frog and Centrosome felt too perfect an opportunity to pass up, so both Kevin and I look forward to an exciting new future for each of our firms! Most importantly, we’re grateful for you to continue with us along this journey!


Rachel Barnett

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