How are you handling the new Washington Senate Bill 5258?

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Our friends over at recently made us aware of a new bill that will be impacting Hospitality Industry Professionals and Business Owners. The Bill was passed January 1st, 2020, and will likely go into effect soon. Gentle Frog, LLC is a QuickBooks Training company, and we do not handle the sort of compliance this Bill requires. However, our friends over at do. 

For compliance questions, reach out to:

Joe Wessel

Territory Sales Consultant 

Office: (425) 260-4838 


The Bill is broken down into several parts. I won’t go over each part in detail, but some of the main parts are outlined below.

According to the Bill, it affects every hospitality, retail, behavioral health care, or custodial employer, or labor contractor who employs a custodian, security guard, hotel or motel housekeeper, or any worker who spends a majority of her or his working hours alongside two or fewer coworkers at a location that is not her or his home.

And those individuals or companies must:

  • Adopt a sexual harassment policy
  • Provide sexual harassment training
  • Provide a list of resources for the employees regarding sexual harassment
  • And provide a panic button to employees that spend the majority of their time working alongside two or fewer coworkers

Gentle Frog, LLC does not offer legal services or compliance training. For precise interpretation of the Bill, we recommend viewing the source on the Wa.Gov website here. 

For help bringing your company into compliance, check out

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