Speaking Topics

Below are 4 popular presentations and workshop topics we can customize to fit your needs. Please check my speaking page to find out when my next presentation or workshop will be.

1. Learning the Basics of QuickBooks Online

a. Want to get started – the right way – with QuickBooks Online? Want to learn the basic skills within QuickBooks Online so that you know you’re recording your business transactions properly? Want to know why QuickBooks Online is an excellent choice for small business accounting? Look no further!! Here’s a SCORE workshop that will provide you the knowledge to help you learn the basics of QuickBooks Online for recording your daily business transactions.

This half-day interactive workshop focuses on the following topics that are key to
learning and feeling comfortable with QuickBooks Online:

● Sales to Customers and their payments
● Purchases from Suppliers and payments to them
● Banking, Chart of Accounts and Year-end Closing
● Reporting from QuickBooks Online
● And more

2. A Brief Introduction to QuickBooks Online

a. Want to see a live demonstration of QuickBooks Online? Want to learn the basic skills within QuickBooks Online? Want to have a safe space to ask “how to”
questions? Look no further.

This presentation can be tailored to your industry and to your ideal length of time.
Topics can include:

● Setting up the chart of accounts
● Creating sales receipts and invoices
● Entering bills and expenses
● Customizing templates and emails
● Reporting
● Banking and reconciling
● How to locate common errors
● And more

3. Using Zapier with QuickBooks Online

a. This 15 minute presentation will show you how to use Zapier to automate tasks within your workflow. The focus of this presentation is how to use Zapier with QuickBooks Online and Google Drive.

4. Don’t Spend Dollars to Save Pennies: Outsourcing Through UpWork

a. Are you a business owner and need help setting up your company’s CRM? Do you need an updated logo but don’t know where to begin? Maybe it’s time you considered UpWork. UpWork is an outsourcing platform where businesses and freelancers connect and collaborate remotely. As the largest outsourcing platform in the world, UpWork hosts a variety of professionals, from writers to graphic designers. In this Session, we’ll learn how to get started on this platform, and how to find the perfect freelancer.