Correcting Income Recorded Twice in QuickBooks Desktop

(once as a sale receipt/invoice and once as a deposit into the register)


Identify the sales recorded in the register as income (and not as a sales receipt or invoice payment).  There are multiple approaches to this, I’m going to show you one.
1: Generate the profit and loss report (Reports → Company & Financial → Profit and Loss Standard)

2: Double click the number (dollar amount) for the line called Total Income, this generates a list of all of the transactions in a given period of time that were posted to the income account.  If you are also recording your sales as sales receipts or invoices, these will duplicate (increase) your income.

3: Click the customize report button (upper left corner)


4: Click on the tab labeled filters


 5: Scroll down for the filter called transaction type

5: To the right of this where it says all, replace all with deposit


6: Click ok
Link the deposit with a previously recorded sale that is pending in undeposited funds. 
1: Click on any deposit in the list you generated above.


2: On a piece of scratch paper, write down the amount of this deposit
3: Click on the icon that says payments



4: Click on the payment(s) that equal the deposit previously recorded



5: Click ok


6: Click on the line that does not say “undeposited funds” for the account, this is likely to be the first line in the list.  Delete all text from this line — the account, the amount, etc.


7: Confirm your deposit equals the amount you wrote down on step 2.


8: Click save and close


9: A message will appear “you have changed the transaction. Do you want to record your changes?”, click yes.


10: Repeat until no more deposits appear in the report you generated in the above set of steps.


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